Cast a Vote, Save a Park

Here is an easy way to help save one state park: McGrath State Beach. It is one of the 70 state parks slated for closure — in fact, this park is expected to close September 6! This is tragic, but let’s see if together we can change the tides.

Right now McGrath State Beach is in the running to receive a $100K prize from Coca-Cola in the” America’s Favorite Park” contest. It’s currently in sixth place (not bad, but we can do better). Show your support for McGrath by casting your vote today; nay, right now. You have unlimited votes so while you’re there you can vote for your other favorites state parks, too.

Cast your vote:

Help your favorite state park win up to $100,000!

The Many Voices of California State Parks

© Philip Lee Miller, Garrapata State Park

It’s a difficult and confusing time to be a Californian who loves state parks. As you all surely know by now, the state of California made such severe budget cuts this year that we are now being forced — for the first time in our history — to close some of our state parks. Not just a couple, either. 70 of our 278 parks! And what does that even mean? Are we supposed to just turn our backs on all those beaches, vistas, museums and landmarks?

We at California State Parks Foundation think not. You don’t just walk away from something like this. As advocates and supporters of state parks, we are very concerned about what park closures really mean. Who will protect the natural, cultural and historical resources of all of the parks on the closure list? What about the 150 state parks that are suffering under partial closures, seasonal closures and service reductions?

We can confidently say we are working hard as an organization to find answers. But we can’t do it alone. We know this crisis calls for the mobilization of ALL those Californians who care about state parks. And that is why this blog has come about.

CalPark Voices will serve as a megaphone for all the various voices with something to say about state parks. There are a lot of creative and dedicated people who are doing amazing things worth talking about. This blog will also be a place where we can give a voice to our state parks.

So please check back regularly as we share park stories, recommend advocacy action, report on park closure news, and curate the many voices that have something to say about state parks.

Speaking of, we’d love to hear from you anytime with comments, suggestions and stories of your own! Let those voices be heard.