Assembly Bill 42 Clears Legislature

We’re making progress, park supporters! Earlier today, the State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 42 (Huffman), the bill sponsored by CSPF to help keep California’s state parks open.  Similar to the successful vote last week out of the State Senate, the bill passed off the Assembly Floor this morning on a strong bipartisan vote, and now heads to Gov. Jerry Brown for a signature.

AB 42 provides authority to California State Parks to enter into operating agreements with qualified nonprofit organizations to operate part or all of a state park unit.  The bill ensures transparency in the operations of a state park by a nonprofit by requiring that:

  • All revenues generated in the park stay in that park and be directed toward that park’s needs
  • The nonprofit submit an annual report detailing its operating activities in the past year and hold a public meeting
  • No General Fund subsidy can be given to the nonprofit to operate the state park
  • The remainder of any concessions contract’s term be preserved by the nonprofit, and
  • Scientific and other specialized functions be conducted only by qualified individuals and subject to state oversight.

Gov. Brown has until October 6 to take action on Assembly Bill 42.  Be sure to send a message to the governor to let him know you want his vote on AB 42! 

A park supporter signs a petition for AB 42

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