Poems from California State Parks

© Ted Judah, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

As we have mentioned in previous posts, we are keeping tabs on all the amazing folks who are mobilizing to spread the word about park closures. These Californians are discovering how they can help in their own unique ways, and it’s so inspiring we want to tell their stories.

One such Californian is poet Katherine Hastings. She recently curated a book of poetry inspired by parks and has called it “What Redwoods Know: Poems from California State Parks.”

“The idea of this book didn’t come about as a way to save our parks; I’m not unrealistic,” said Katherine in the Introduction of her book. “But some action had to be taken so I put out a call to poets in Sonoma County to join me in hikes through several state parks and asked them and other poets up-and-down the state to submit poems inspired by the parks in their areas, whether they are scheduled for closure now or not.”

Contributions from over a dozen Sonoma County poets tell beautiful stories inspired by parks like Annadel, Jack London and Sugarloaf. As Katherine put it, these poets contributed to this book as an act of love for our state parks.

Another poet who championed for the environment: Dr. Seuss

Sneak Peak from “What Redwoods Know”:

around here
trees are
in fall
they turn

excerpt from “Trees are Poets”
– Francisco X. Alarcón

If you’d like to purchase a copy of “What Redwoods Know,” please email kfhastings@mac.com. For each purchase made, Katherine makes a donation to CSPF. Additionally, there will be a live reading from the book on November 17 at 7 p.m. at Books Inc., 2251 Chestnut Street, San Francisco. Come by to meet Katherine and hear some of the park poetry! Books Inc. will be kindly donating 20% of proceeds from book sales that evening to CSPF.

Thank you to Katherine and all the passionate Californians making things happen. Are you a passionate activist who is riled up about state parks? Share your poems and stories below!

One thought on “Poems from California State Parks

  1. The citizens of California need to band together and start some type of California political reform act where standards of accountability are brought back to the government.  The unbelievable waste and bureaucracy has turned the golden state into a faded pee yellow!

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