Freshly Squeezed Philanthropy

We recently received a letter from a very special member named Kai. This 8-year-old park lover told us about the awesome fundraising project he and his family did this summer. Here’s what his letter said:

“To the California State Parks Foundation-

This summer I had a couple of lemonade stands to raise money for the California State Parks that Jerry Brown is going to close. I donated $100.90 on your website, so the parks can stay open. I go camping with my family and friends a lot, and I love all of the state parks. I hope they stay open forever.


There's always money in the lemonade stand*

How cool is that? Not only is that a very generous donation, but Kai obviously cares a lot about helping state parks. As Kai’s dad told us later:

“Our family had a wonderful time raising money with the lemonade stand, and people were so willing to help when we put a human face and story on what the loss of some of our state parks might mean for future generations of Californians (and the US). We’re big believers that our state parks are treasures and in the idea that going back to Nature now and again helps us to restore balance in our modern lives. To lose access to something that makes California unique would be such a loss for everyone.”

What a great way for a family to do something great together. A big thank you to Kai and his family. Have your friends or family raised money for state parks in a creative way? We’d love to hear about it!

*Enjoy a taste of that Arrested Development reference here.

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