Thankful for State Parks

This Thanksgiving, we are feeling thankful for state parks. And thankfully there has been a lot of positive park news this week. Here’s a recap:


As mentioned in last week’s post, we are very excited about “The First 70” documentary by Heath Hen Films. Now you can, if you so choose, lend your support by pledging to back the film on Kickstarter. As they explain on the site, “Parks are closing across the nation and we are devoted to the cause, please lend your support to help us showcase these beautiful places. With enough backing beyond the target, this film could get big enough to really make a difference in California and across the country.” Show them some love!


The restoration of the Fresnel Lens at Pigeon Point is well under way. Paul Rogers of the San Jose Mercury News came out to report on the progress. His story ran Monday: Let there be light: Restoration finally begins at Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

For fun, check out the time lapse video of the lens coming down, and the lens going back together!


The editorial staff at the San Francisco Chronicle took up the state parks issue in an excellent editorial on Monday: State’s parks – action needed now to save them.


Yesterday’s press event at Candlestick, which invited media to cover the releasing of tidal waters into the new Yosemite Slough Wetlands, was very successful (and very muddy). The release of the tidal waters was covered by KTVU, KGO, KQED, KCBS, and San Francisco Chronicle. Chronicle article here: Candlestick Point wetland reclaimed as key habitat.


Finally, CSPF staff members shared why they are thankful for state parks this year. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Let us know what YOU are thankful for in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Thankful for State Parks

  1. This year I am thankful for being blessed in my life with so much… but I am also thankful for the beautiful State Parks of California, for all the wonder and majesty they possess. There are no other places like it.

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