That’s MY Park

Let’s have an honest moment together; right here, right now. Yes, we love and value California state parks; all 278 of them. They all have intrinsic value, they are all worthy of our love. But while we care about all of them, some of the parks have more personal meaning to you or me than others. Maybe it’s the one you grew up camping in with your family, or the one you visit twice a week for a hike, but more likely than not, there are some state parks that make you say, “That’s MY park.”

These feelings are normal, don’t worry! In fact, it’s this special loyalty that fuels the existence of local park associations, which we love. These cooperating associations often represent one, two or a handful of state parks in their local area. The California League of Park Associations (CALPA) has dozens of these organizations in its membership.

Event Deets

One such local group, Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, has an upcoming opportunity for you to get involved on this very personal, local level. The Friends 35th Anniversary Party on December 12 at the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz is going to be a great opportunity to celebrate 35 years of community love and support for local state parks and beaches.

Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks represents:

  • Castro Adobe State Historic Park
  • Coast Dairies State Park
  • Lighthouse Field State Beach
  • Manresa State Beach
  • Manresa Uplands State Beach
  • Natural Bridges State Beach
  • New Brighton State Beach
  • Palm State Beach
  • Rio Del Mar State Beach
  • Santa Cruz Mission State Park
  • Seabright State Beach
  • Seacliff State Beach
  • The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park
  • Twin Lakes State Beach
  • Sunset State Beach
  • Wilder Ranch State Park

If any of these parks make you say, “That’s MY park,” then you should definitely be at this event. And if they don’t, maybe now is the time to claim a new state park as your own, because there’s no limit to how many you can love!

Or, if you live in a different part of the state, find a cooperating association near you.

Do you have a cooperating association in your community you want us to know about? Give them a shout out in the comments!

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