Embracing the Landscape

We always like to share stories on CalPark Voices of creative people who are using their craft to raise awareness for state parks. One Berkeley-based artist, Jean Sanchirico, has done just that. She taking action by is using her landscape drawings for a good cause. For every landscape drawing sold, Jean is donating 10% of the proceeds directly to CSPF in an effort to show her support for keeping our beautiful parks open and accessible. See her work here (she’s really good!).

“In this small way I to hope raise awareness, so that others can use their skills to support our parks,” said Jean.

Jean’s work, “Embracing the Landscape,” is currently on exhibit at Garage Gallery in Berkeley. Be sure to drop by to see her stuff. If you go this Sunday you may even have a chance to meet her!

The Garage Gallery hosts an exhibit of recent work by Jean Sanchirico
“Embracing the Landscape”
Exhibition dates: Three weekends, February 4-19
Gallery Hours:  Saturday & Sunday afternoons, 1 to 4pm
The artist will be present in the gallery Sunday afternoons, February 5 & 12.

Garage Gallery is located at 3110 Wheeler Street, one block East of Shattuck Avenue and three blocks South of Ashby Avenue, in Berkeley.

Since 2004 Jean has been drawing her impressions using chalk pastel, capturing, the feeling and moods that landscapes evoke with simple and broad strokes. Since the Department of Parks and Recreation released their proposed list of park closures due to a $22 million general fund budget cut, Jean has been giving back to the land with these donations.

Kudos to Jean and all the artists out there who are passionate about parks!

2 thoughts on “Embracing the Landscape

  1. Hi Calparks,
    Interesting Thoughts, Nowhere is the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” more true than in relation to landscape photography. Photography itself is less than 200 years old. In fact the term “photography,” which most people take for granted, was not coined until 1839. Landscape photography provided people with windows to distant worlds and cultures they would otherwise not be able to experience.
    I look forward to your next post

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