Send a Message to the Capitol

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We’re only a few days away from Park Advocacy Day, and we are very excited. On March 20, 200 park advocates will walk the halls of the state Capitol and lobby for state parks as part of CSPF’s 10th Annual Park Advocacy Day.

Even if you can’t join us in Sacramento in person, we still want to bring your voice with us, and we’ve come up with a cool way to do it. If you share a story or photo with us on our website about why you’re defending state parks, we will deliver it to the Capitol for you on Park Advocacy Day.

Share your photo and story.

With budget cuts and park closures looming, it is imperative that lawmakers realize what’s at stake. As part of our Defend What’s Yours campaign, we want to you to tell your elected officials why you’re defending state parks. We want to bring your voice with us on March 20, and we can do that if you take moment to share a photo and/or story about why you want to help defend our state parks.

Now, more than ever, we all need to help defend and Save Our State Parks. Please take action today. Your fellow park advocates will help deliver your message as part of Park Advocacy Day, so your legislators will hear from you.

Act quickly, the upload options will close on Tuesday, March 13.

2 thoughts on “Send a Message to the Capitol

  1. California State Parks belong to the PEOPLE of California, not to the government. Leave our parks alone and keep them open. The land belongs to the people and they should have free access. They are overmanaged. Stop your plans to close our parks.

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