Paint the Parks

In this difficult time for state parks, it is good to know that there is no shortage of creative people willing to use their talents to help state parks in any way they can.

One such creative mind is Karin H. Leonard, founder of  Karin recently launched this art website in order to raise funds and awareness for California state parks, and National parklands worldwide.  Karin’s personal quest is to paint many parks, and to donate from the sale of those paintings to the respective park foundations.

“I am inviting artists from California and all around the world to participate in this journey,” said Karin. “The quest to paint the parks grew out of my passion for painting, and lifelong love of nature – and with that the intense desire to protect and preserve these precious places all over the earth. Several California artists have already come forward to join the quest, and I am sure many will follow.”

Participating artists contribute to preservation of nature reserves, as they donate a minimum of 10% from the sale of their parks paintings to State and National Park Associations.

“Our credo is ‘Paint, Participate, Preserve’,” said Karin.

If this is inspiring to you, take a look at the site or get in touch with Karin.


The purpose of is to spark a fire in the heart of artists, art lovers and nature enthusiasts all over the world to paint, cherish and preserve our precious park lands everywhere.  provides complimentary links to artists’ websites with their parks paintings worldwide. Participating artists contribute to preserve our wild sanctuaries, as we donate a minimum of 10% from the sale of our parks paintings to State and National Park Associations. When you purchase from participating artists worldwide, you own beautiful original art… AND you contribute to conserving the earth’s most pristine preserves.

Whether you are an artist, an art collector or nature lover, be part of a growing movement to protect nature reserves worldwide!  Through painting, purchasing and donating, you protect precious nature reserves for future generations.  Join our quest to paint parks and preserves all over the world!

8 thoughts on “Paint the Parks

  1. Wow, Karin, ich bin so beeindruckt. Was für eine tolle Idee. Schade, daß ich nicht malen kann, aber ich kann Videos machen … Wenn Du mich mal brauchen solltest …

    • Vielen Dank liebe Ingrid! Ja, Dein Video Talent ist super… wer weiss, vielleicht kommt eine gute Gelegenheit? Liebe Gruesse, Karin

  2. Hi Karin,

    What a great idea! I am not an artist but I am an ardent worshipper of our beautiful state parks and I want to thank you for your vision and you energy on behalf of the parks. Go girl!!

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