Parks Are For Fun!

Despite our ongoing messaging of park closures these days, we also like to maintain an element of fun, because that’s what parks are for! One of our favorite fun moments every year is our ParkFilm Fest, and it is coming up this Saturday.

Come to watch a three-part Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon on the big screen at Paramount Studios’ Bronson Theater in L.A., AND meet the real pirated of Capt. Jack Sparrow’s crew between films! (Seriously, the actors are coming. Yes, you can get autographs.)

Other fun highlights will include: walking the red carpet, free popcorn, pirate booty, green screen photos, food truck, cash bar, autographs and Q&A with six Pirates cast members, and Paramount tram tours for those who buy package tickets.

The best part of all? Proceeds from the event go to CSPF to help offset severe state budget cuts that threaten all California state parks.  Get tickets online before Friday night, or get them at the door on Saturday.


Fun Bonus: Tomorrow is casual Friday, which means you might find out membership department in (inadvertently) matching footwear, per usual.

The CSPF Membership Department in matching Chuck Taylors. No, it wasn’t planned!

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