Take a Note …

Thinking of holiday gifts to give your loved ones?  Here’s a fun idea … CSPF is currently offering a set of 10 gorgeous note cards featuring photos from California state parks in our online store. The coolest part is that each photo was taken by a contestant in our state parks photo contest.


You could give the set as a gift or use them to write notes to your friends and family. The note cards are blank on the inside, making them perfect for any sentiment.The 10 note cards and 10 envelopes are just $6.99 + tax! 

Here are the awesome photographers who contributed to this photo set:

Thanks as always to our awesome contest participants who generously share their photos with CSPF!

2 thoughts on “Take a Note …

  1. Hello! If you have a contact for Gary Philbin, please let me know. He’s the photographer that contributed the tree with sun shining through it photo. I’ve been trying to find him on the internet. I love that image and would like to make cards from it. I know you have it for sale, but I don’t want the whole set, just that one. Thank you for your time!

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