Catch a State Park Documentary

There are some new opportunities to catch two awesome documentaries about California state parks in person or in the comfort of your own camper. Be sure to check them out!

1. Mile … Mile & A Half

See a screening of a new documentary by The Muir Project, Mile … Mile & A Half. The screening is June 15 at the Guild Theater in Sacramento. See a screening of the film, see a musical performance by Opus Orange, and do a Q&A with the film crew. Half of ticket proceeds from the screening with be donated to CSPF, so double bonus! More info on Facebook, and direct ticket sales here.

Beautiful shot from the film Mile ... Mile & A Half

Beautiful shot from the film Mile … Mile & A Half

MMAAH_Press_2About Mile … Mile & A Half

A group of artists leave their daily lives behind to hike the John Muir Trail & bring back their experiences and inspiration. From Yosemite Valley to the highest point in the contiguous US – Mt. Whitney. 219 miles in 25 days.

Along the way, they are joined by musicians, painters, teachers and other adventure-seekers. In the midst of the grandeur and daily grind, they discover what matters most is the opportunity to seek adventure wherever and whenever you can.

What began as an adventure to see – let’s be honest – if they could complete the trail, became the need to capture the experience in order to share the trail with others. Come see how life on the trail shapes the lives of artists and individuals.

2. The First 70

You’ve heard us talk about this film before (because we love it), but now The First 70 is going to be widely available for everyone to enjoy in a new DVD box set and on digital platforms.

The new DVD has lots of cool extras, including behind the scenes, cutting room floor, photo gallery, and a special download from CSPF!

TheFirst70_busimagethe-first-70-3d-box-lrAbout The First 70

When they heard the state of California wanted to close a quarter of its state parks, three young filmmakers set out to visit the 70 parks that were doomed to close.  Along the 3,000 mile trek, they capture both the majesty of the state’s parks and the outrage of local community members, park rangers and environmental activists who are confounded by the State’s financial logic, yet determined to keep these wondrous expanses of beauty open to the public.

The First 70 is a about Californians banding together to enact change and develop solutions in the face of a glaring bureaucratic oversight. Volunteers have been forced to lend even more of their time and effort to support the already grossly underfunded state park system. Independent organizations and nonprofits have become obligated to step up to the challenge of keeping parks open, supporting them financially while working within the state’s guidelines. Due to these citizen-led efforts, the 70 parks were not closed on the July 2012 deadline, however their future is still hazy.

Tour of California Headed to Mount Diablo State Park


See it for yourself in a state park

The Amgen Tour of California professional cycling race is going on right now, and so far it has been a great race to watch. Even more exciting, the tour will “peak” on Saturday during Stage 7 set for Mt. Diablo State Park.

The Amgen Tour of California is one of America’s biggest annual cycling road race. It is an 8-day event with a new stage in a new California location each day. Professional cycling teams from around the world come to California to compete.  This year there are 16 teams competing on some of California’s most beautiful and scenic highways, roadways, and yes, state parks.

Stage 7 on Saturday, May 18 starts in Livermore, CA and ends 92 miles later with an epic climb up Mt. Diablo … finishing at the summit 3,770 feet up. The crowds on Mt. Diablo in 2012 were among the largest ever seen along a mountain route for the race. In 2013, the race will be even better as they have added an extra five miles of climbing to the actual summit.

You should definitely be among the spectators on Mt. Diablo this Saturday. There will be amazing views and amazing athletes putting everything they have into the climb up to the top.  For more information visit the Amgen Tour website and be sure to download the spectator’s guide for Stage 7.

If you can’t make it to Mt. Diablo, they will live stream the event on the Amgen Tour website, so be sure to check it out!

The full 8-day race course of the Amgen Tour of California

The full 8-day race course of the Amgen Tour of California