Know Your History, Know Your Parks – Part 3

CSPF’s third Hidden Stories Series conference, Folding Back the Layers of California’s Latino/a History: The Stories Beneath the Stories, is taking place on October 2 and 3 in Los Angeles … just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month! Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 through October 15.

The 2013 Hidden Stories conference will explore Latino history in the context of California’s state parks. This conference seeks to go beyond existing interpretation of historical Latino figures to look at “the stories beneath the stories,” or going beyond what is commonly known in order to uncover how these figures shaped our history, influenced our society, and left permanent, although unrecognized, impressions on our state.

Find out more info…

SNEAK PEEK: Ranchos Camulos

One Hidden Stories presenter, Margie Brown-Coronel, Ph.D., gave us some awesome factoids as a preview to the conference:

  • Rancho Camulos (located on border of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties) has had only two owners since its original Mexican Land Grant in 1839 – the del Valle Family and the Rubel Family. Today it is a National Historic Landmark and open to the public part of the week.
  • The large family portrait used in the conference promotional literature was taken at Rancho Camulos. The event was one of many family barbeques that the del Valle family hosted from the late 1860s to the early twentieth century. The original photo can be found at the Seaver Center for Western Research at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Find out more about Rancho Camulos here, or at the Hidden Stories Conference on October 2 and 3. Today is the last day to get tickets!

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