Your best memories in parks this year

California state parks are great places to make memories. As we approach the end of the year, you might also be thinking back on the best days you spent in parks. Here’s what some of our supporters shared:

Pg 7 - Marshall Gold Discovery

“Gold panning with friends at Marshall Gold Discovery State Park in July. My daughter and her friend were busy putting rocks in each other’s pockets while the dads panned for gold, feldspar and garnets.”

– Johanna Speizer

Pg 7 - Hendy Woods

“Walking through the groves at Hendy Woods State Park this September.”

– Terry Blair

Pg 7 - Jedediah Smith

“Because my dog is getting older and my very real worry of leaving him in the care of any one when the fire danger was so terribly high, I gave up my planned backpacking trip in Yosemite and headed to the Crescent City area where, with my sweet dog along for every early morning drive of Howland Hill Rd., I fell in love with Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

– Jennifer Schooley

Pg 7 - Montana de Oro

Montaña de Oro State Park was a wonderful discovery for me on our summer road trip. Just beautiful!”

– Betsy Sommerville

Pg 7 - China Camp

“I volunteered to lead a camping trip to China Camp State Park as a sort of an introduction for our 1st grade class. We went down at night to hear frogs, sang campfire songs, wandered eating smores and did a bit of plant identification and discussion. China Camp is a fantastic spot for a lot of children who are not used to camping. Very easy, and if all else fails it is not far from most Bay Area cities if sleeping outside poses too much.

– Instagram user @Fauvescraper

Pg 7 - Crystal Cove

“Taking my kids to Crystal Cove State Park during their summer break and having lunch at the Beachcomber Café.”

– Vangie Obrero

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their memories with us! Want to share your favorite 2018 state park memories? Just tweet to us at @calparks!

6 Reasons for you to participate in CSPF’s 20th annual Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup

Earth Day Blog post April 2018Earth Day is right around the corner! On Saturday, April, 21, thousands will join forces to make a difference in California state parks and you can join them! Here are six reasons why you should participate in our 20th annual Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup, presented by Pacific Gas and Electric Company:

1. You want to be a part of a global, civic-focused day of action

In 1970 Earth Day began and activated 20 million Americans, launching the modern environmental movement. Today, Earth Day is celebrated by more than a billion people every year, focusing on the fight for a clean environment. By being a part of our 20th annual Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup on Saturday, April 21, you’ll also be a part of this global day of action. Whether you can volunteer or just want to spend the day celebrating nature with your loved ones, we hope you get out to one of our amazing state parks this Earth Day!

2. You care about climate resiliency

This year presenting sponsor Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) has funded a special round of grants for important projects that will help state parks in the face of natural disasters – to better cope with wildfires, drought and other environmental impacts in the short term, and to build resiliency to deal with the effects of climate change in the long term. Read more about these special projects. 

3. You want to help restore and revitalize the parks you love!

This year over 40 beloved state parks will get support to complete special projects and needed maintenance on this day of service. You can join thousands of volunteers throughout California to construct and update structures for ADA compliance, clear trash and clean graffiti, remove invasive plants and replace them with native species, renovate campgrounds, maintain trails, paint a beautiful mural and more! Register to volunteer by April 16.

4. You like complimentary snacks

We know that projects such as weeding, planting, and painting take a lot of hard work! To keep you going throughout the day, Peet’s coffee, Subway, and Nature’s Path will be providing refreshments at parks across California!

5.You can participate even if you can’t volunteer

Can’t volunteer? You can still be a part of this special Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup by donating to CSPF to help repair and improve the parks you love! This year PG&E has offered to match all gifts made in honor of our Earth Day anniversary, up to $100,000! Double your gift now! 

6. You can help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of our annual Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup

While every Earth Day is important, this one is especially exciting because it marks the 20th year of our Earth Day efforts at the California State Parks Foundation. Over the past two decades, our Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup has mobilized nearly 80,000 volunteers, resulting in over 350,000 hours of work in our parks!