How to Help State Parks

California’s state parks are YOUR state parks, and you can help protect them.

In order to ensure we keep our state parks viable for years to come, citizens need to be aware, informed and engaged. Here are some simple things you can do to help:

Visit a State Park
The best way to show support for state parks is to visit them, and be reminded about what wonderful resources they are for recreation, education and relaxation. (And pay your user fees!)

Become a Volunteer
Take ownership of your state parks by making a powerful investment of your time. As budget cuts continue, volunteers play an increasingly important role in helping to keep state parks open.

Support Legislation
Voice your support for California’s 280 state parks by urging policymakers to enact much needed legislation that will help keep state parks open and protected. Sign up for CSPF action alerts so you can find out when extra help needed.

Spread the Word
There’s plenty of room in the big tent of park supporters for more! Join us on Facebook and Twitter and then invite your friends to do so also!

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