Watch it First: California’s State Historic Parks – Doorways to the Past

We are pleased to introduce a brand new video from our Magnificent 70 series today! This gorgeous video (produced by Doug McConnell and his team at ConvergenceMedia Productions) shows how one can tell the entire history of California through its 47 state historic parks.

Watch the beautiful video about California’s historic parks:

If you haven’t had the opportunity to look at The Magnificent 70 website yet, now is the time!

The Magnificent 70 is a site we created this summer as a celebration of 70 California state parks slated to close July 2012, and to serve as a reminder of what will be lost if they are shuttered. It is like a living photo book with gorgeous photos and original stories written by author Kerry Tremain about each of the 70 parks on the closure list.

California’s Cathedrals: Redwood State Parks

90 percent of California’s original redwood forests are gone, but what remains are protected by a fragile web of California state and national parks. From Big Sur to the Oregon border, these magnificent redwood forest state parks inspire us, and now they need our help. Due to budget cuts, many of California redwood state parks are on the closure list, therefore potentially threatening these ancient and magnificent species. Here are some of the voices of people who know redwoods best, and what their concerns are.

This video is part of The Magnificent 70 project. See more at

Produced by Doug McConnell and Convergence Media.