Documenting the 70

Ever since the announcement of the park closures came out, plenty of people have made it their mission to visit the 70 state parks before they close. Even better, a lot of them are documenting it.

One photographer, 70 parks

One of our favorite aforementioned chroniclers is David Noceti from 70 in 70. He has been posting beautiful photographs from the 70 state parks on his blog. You may recognize one of the Providence Mountain State Recreation Area photos from our most recent cover of Parklands. Great stuff by David.

Also in the works is a documentary by Heath Hen Films. Three young filmmakers have taken to the road in a really cool bus to visit all 70 state parks and shoot footage for a documentary. The film will be called “The First 70,” and we can’t wait to see it! To follow the travels of the Heath Hen Films folks, visit their Facebook page and give them a like.

Thumbs up, Heath Hen Films

There are many more bloggers out there documenting the wonder of these 70 state parks before they won’t be allowed past the gate. Lucy D’Mot is blogging at State Park Closure Trip, Christopher Grant Ward is interviewing people for Folk 4 Parks, and Bay Area Backroads’ Doug McConnell is shooting video for CSPF’s Magnificent 70 website (click videos up top).

Have you been following someone who is documenting park closures, or have you been inspired to chronicle them yourself?